Violent Columbia motorcycle crash kills man, destroys bike


A fatal wreck in Columbia is under investigation after a 33-year-old motorcycle rider died in a violent collision over the weekend.  

The horrific crash took place on Highway 31 North Sunday afternoon near lookout drive.  

The motorcycle, a Suzuki Hayabusa, was torn into multiple pieces.  

A motorist who watched the horrific crash of the northbound cycle described what he saw.  

“Looks like an officer is there, ma’am. Looks like a person on a motorcycle collided at 70 mph with an SUV and the person flew like a rag doll across the road.” 

The Hayabusa is listed as one of the fastest bikes on the road today. 

While THP and Columbia police are still investigating the tragic death that killed the 33-year-old rider, multiple sources confirm that high speed almost certainly played a role in this devastating wreck.  

Sources at THP told News 2 they were working that stretch of highway Sunday and they literally saw the motorcycle go by them in the opposite direction.  

By the time the trooper pulled around and caught up, the wreck had already taken place. 

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