Over the years, video surveillance has become more accessible and easier for everyone to use.  It’s also one of the reasons many people are turning to cameras to keep them safer.  

The videos these cameras capture is also helping police identify suspects who are up to no good. 

“It was in the middle of the day,” said Casey Bond, who had packages stolen off his porch. “I looked at the video that the Ring doorbell had taken, and I saw this guy clear as day taking the packages.” 

Bond said the man was later found and arrested. He credited the cameras at his home for helping find the suspect.  

As Bond pressed the doorbell outside his front door a loud ring could be heard. 

“That [the doorbell] is going to notify me on the app, and it will let me know somebody is here, and even if it doesn’t ring, it will tell me that someone is at the front door,” said Bond. 

While the cameras won’t stop someone from breaking in, they can deter some thieves, but if that person continues it will all be on camera.  

“Security as a whole is either to prevent or recreate and cameras recreate what happened,” said Linda Stubblefield, also known as “The Alarm Lady.”  

Stubblefield owns Unlimited Security Inc. and has been working in the security business for years. 

“When you are buying a camera, this is one of the places where you get what you pay for,” said Stubblefield. “If you are trying to skinny dollars, it may not be the best video for the police to recreate from. So, by all means, you really want to stay in the two to three-pixel area, which is the best video right now.” 

There are also apps that keep neighborhoods and residents connected with real-time crime updates.  

The Neighbors app is one feature used by Ring users to keep them informed. Users can warn others about suspicious activity or people by uploading videos and messaging other people. They can even communicate with law enforcement. 

“They can actually get on this app and share those videos and report,” said Bond, who uses the app. 

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