Video shows cars stopping traffic, performing stunts on I-24


It’s the video you have likely seen shared on social media, a group of cars shutting down the interstate while performing tricks on I-24.  

It happened near the Old Hickory Boulevard exit in South Nashville. 

“I recorded the video, the video went viral,” Ricardo Suarez told News 2. 

The nearly two-minute video shows people standing in the interstate, with hundreds of cars at a standstill while a car does donuts 

“I just seen one doing the burnout,” he said. 

Suarez says he was leaving a car meet Saturday night around 11 when he noticed the commotion. 

Another video posted on YouTube by “Dream Driven Lifestyle,” also captured Saturday night, shows a car doing donuts in the middle of an intersection at Bell Road. Additional video shows cars racing down the interstate. The photographer tells News 2 he was not part of the car group. 

“Well yeah it’s dangerous you know people coming in traffic at 70, 75 and I think it’s dangerous, but you know everybody do what they want to do,” said Suarez. 

An official with the THP described it as a “blatant disregard for public safety.” 

James Smallwood, president of the Fraternal Order of Police elaborated on the dangers. 

“In the instance where you might have a medical emergency or just that blink of an eye where you’re not paying attention you could cause a series of very serious accidents,” said Smallwood. 

Suarez said he didn’t see any police presence Saturday night. 

“Certainly, it’s going to be difficult for police to get there, there’s got to be some respect for the law. These folks have got to have some respect for the law that is in place and they are violating this and causing a very serious safety concern, but in the instance where people are being apprehended there needs to be some consequences on the end and we fail to see that time and time again from certain sectors of our criminal justice system,” said Smallwood.  

The DA’s office say they are aware of the incident and have reached out to police.  

Suarez posted on his Facebook page that there would be another highway shutdown Monday, but he tells News 2 he posted that as a joke.  

THP and Metro Police were in the area Monday morning. They said they are actively investigating the incident.

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