Video captures coyote charging at little girl in her front yard


ILLINOIS (WKRN/CNN) — Millions of American live near coyotes without ever seeing one.  

One Illinois family’s security camera caught a scary encounter their young daughter had with a particularly bold coyote.  

Christine Przybylski is seen skipping in her front yard as she went to check the mailbox for her Halloween costume.  

After turning back disappointed, home surveillance cameras show a coyote lurking near the street. But little Christine didn’t see it.  

“I decided to go to the swing, and when I went to the swing, he run by and I was like going and then I was like ‘oh my god,'” said Christine.  

The coyote comes charging, full speed across the front yard, circles the tree and charges right at Christine.  

“I feeled its ear. And it almost bited my rib.” 

“We heard the scream and she came in with this wild story,” said Christine’s mother Elizabeth Przybylski.  

“I was like Mom! Mom! Mom! I saw… I saw a coyote!” 

Her parents pulled up the camera footage and sure enough, there was the coyote.  

“He really pursued her violently and I’m so glad she got away,” added Przybylski. 

Now Christine won’t be playing in the front yard, unaccompanied.  

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