NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Twenty-eight students with the University of Tennessee are in London right now.

Three of them are interns at the British Parliament where a man stabbed a police officer to death Wednesday after plowing into people with an SUV. Islamic State has since claimed responsibility.

“My initial first thought was that I need to text my mom,” said Craig Cartwright told WATE. “Before the American media picked it up, I had already texted my mom.”

Cartwright decided to go back to the Parliament after everything calmed down, not knowing what he would find.

“There were less than 50 people, and that is the single busiest place in London,” he said.

Another student, Leah Deakins, said, “You think to yourself, ‘I stood right there where all of this is happening.’ You are just thankful that didn’t happen when you were there.”

Deakins said her roommate was at the Parliament when everything happened and she said she was locked up inside an office for safety.

Both students said the terror attack isn’t going to change their plans this semester. Their study abroad program ends in April.

There are also about a dozen students from Vanderbilt University in London, and the school told News 2 they’re all okay.

However, an American from Utah did die in the attack while on an anniversary trip with his wife, who was injured.

Students from the University of Tennessee in London (Courtesy: Leah Deakins via WATE)