NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A new study from Vanderbilt University is giving us new insight about how Nashvillians feel about the boom in growth.

More than 1,000 registered voters in Davidson County were asked how they feel about several topics.

Sixty-five percent of resident think too many people are moving here, which is up 50 percent from two years ago.

Another 60 percent say too many buildings are going up at one time, and 86 percent say public transit needs to be improved-and they want to vote on public transit funding.

The poll also found that most people say their top priority is education, and Mayor Megan Barry has a 72 percent approval rating.

A lot of people approve of Metro police as well. Overall, the department received an 80-percent approval rating but there were some big differences when broken down by race. White people gave police an 88 percent approval rating while it was 66 percent among blacks.

However, all groups highly support the use of body cameras by 93 percent. The questions were asked two weeks after a police officer shot and killed Jocques Clemmons during a traffic stop.