NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – As News 2 continues to track the epic growth in Middle Tennessee, one issue that is a constant is Nashville’s traffic.

On Wednesday, Uber launched a new carpool tool to help ease the number of cars on the road and to help drivers save money.

Terry Kidd said he starting driving for Uber about a month ago after working as a truck driver for year.

He told News 2 he is happy with how much money is earning as an Uber driver.

“I can make $100, $150, even $200 per day,” he said.

Kidd is among those drivers who will offer the new uberPOOL service to customers.

He said he thinks the ride share program will be good for Music City traffic and allow people to travel more economically.

“Some people don’t have a car, can’t get to the bus station to catch the bus and so we are here for them,” said Kidd.

To use the carpool option, users can go to the Uber app, enter their destination and select the uberPOOL option. You can request a pool for up to two people and Uber matches users with other riders heading the same way.

It’s also how Uber offers a reduced price, but customers should expect additional pickups and drop-offs during their ride.

Kidd said he supports anything that can help reduce traffic jams and save money.

“It’s horrible. We need to do something about the traffic, especially in the mornings and the afternoons,” he said. “Like a day like this when it’s raining, it is going to get very bad. It’s going to get bad for us Uber drivers because we can’t drop off our people fast enough to get back to get some more fares.”

Uber users can see other passengers’ first names who are also using the carpool option.