TWRA cracking down on illegal hunting in Nashville’s public parks


The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is cracking down on illegal hunting in Nashville’s parks.  

Game wardens with the agency said they have found evidence of hunting in at least six Metro parks. 

News 2 went to Shelby Park in East Nashville to meet Officer Scott Bauer. While there, we stumbled upon new evidence of illegal hunting and a new person of interest. We found a trail camera and deer lure that was dripping estrus.  

“I am just now seeing that today. There’s a name on the back of the trail camera,” said Officer Bauer. 

Bauer has also found a tree stand in Edwin Warner Park in West Nashville and more evidence of deer hunting near the greenway. 

“It’s a little scary,” said cyclist Maggie Fontaine. “Especially in a place where there are families and people out and about in the open. I just think it’s unsafe.” 

Bauer agrees. 

“My next move is to just keep an eye and survey the area and hopefully catch the hunter,” he said. “We’re not even 60 yards from a house.” 

Adam Forgacs lives a few yards from where the evidence was located. 

“I see all the wildlife back here, and I’m sure other people see the wildlife and think it’s a pretty easy spot to set up,” Forgacs said. “Convenient to home instead of having to go to managed land somewhere else.” 

“Whether it’s deer hunting season or not, it’s never the season in our Metro parks for hunting,” said District 7 Councilman Anthony Davis.  

Davis said Nashville can crack down on poaching in parks by prosecuting. 

“We need to be willing to prosecute from Metro Legal and Metro Parks,” he said. “I think if we show a willingness to prosecute that will deter and scare any hunters away.” 

The TWRA said it needs citizens to help build cases against poachers. It asks that if you see a tree stand, sawed trees, tree steps, bait or a trail camera to call them at 1-800-255-8972

“We will come investigate it and take care of it to make sure your city parks are safe,” said Bauer.

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