Two thieves Target Hendersonville Planet Fitness


HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Hendersonville police are on the lookout this evening for a group of male thieves who appear to dress as women while they prey on victims in local workout centers.

It all unfolds Tuesday afternoon at the Planet Fitness Workout Center In Hendersonville. That’s where 2 thieves go inside, using a day pass, pretending to work out. But in the few minutes, they are inside, they go into the locker room and steal items not secured.

Hendersonville Police say the bandits stole a wallet at the gym that they immediately tried to use, but were unsuccessful.

Det. Sgt. Christopher Gagnon says, the men apparently dressed as women could be a disguise to throw law enforcement off the trail.

“it is possible, and until we locate them and identify who they are, and interview them, we won’t know if it is everyday wear or a disguise.”

2 hours after hitting Hendersonville, the gang shows up at the Planet Fitness on Charlotte Pike in Nashville.

Video shows the same 2 suspects entering, quickly followed by a third and possibly fourth suspect in the gang.

They sign in at the desk, getting day passes to work out. After a few minutes, they leave the locker rooms with car keys.

They roam the parking lot matching the stolen key fobs with the appropriate vehicles.

Then the gang drives away with 3 cars. A 2014 dodge journey, a 2016 Toyota Forerunner, and a 2017 Lexus.

Gagnon says, “they are probably in a rental vehicle, especially if coming in from out of town and then they stole several vehicles lending credibility to the fact they are committing other crimes in the area.”

Police tell News 2, this gang might have ties to the Atlanta area where they either live, have committed crimes, or both.

If you have any information call the Hendersonville Police at (615) 822-1111.

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