NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Metro Nashville School Board member is defending her social media words Friday morning where she referred to President Trump as a “Cheeto Satan,” a “Habanero Hitler” and a “Sunkist Stalin” along with several other references to the newly-inaugurated commander-in-chief.

She prefaced the tweets by saying, “Some of the names for DT I have heard & will adopt myself.”

In a statement to News 2, Christiane Buggs defended the tweets about the 45th president by saying, “In a community such as Nashville with many languages, religions, and races, I must speak for the communities who woke up today fearful for the future of our country.”

She went on to say, “Many of us are approaching the inauguration with humor or satire, but also determination to stand up against the campaign promises that threaten the very fabric of our democracy. Now that he has taken his oath, we can only pray that he will use his presidency to unite rather than divide and make a break from his commitment to ostracize subgroups.”

Another school board member who has long been an active Twitter user News 2 defended Buggs’ freedom of speech.

Will Pinkston, who represents a South Nashville district, said, “A lot of people are frankly worried right now and everyone is expressing their opinions in different ways. Taking to Twitter is a way to both mourn and satirize the situation. This is a Democracy and people are free to speak their minds.”

Davidson County Republican Party Chair Bob Ries said the school board member’s comments were “very, very serious,” but said he was in the midst of the celebrating the Trump inauguration and wanted the weekend to write an appropriate response.