RIO GRANDE, Texas (WKRN) – A truck driver in Texas says he was fired because he listed Jesus as his co-driver in all of his logbooks.

According to KRGV, Ramiro Olivarez said he is not worried about being unemployed, but he is bothered by what he was fired for.

Olivarez is a veteran trucker. He has worked for several companies in several states driving in the oil fields.

In the last log he made for his company, a graph details his entire day.

“The graph on there is strictly Ramiro Olivarez. And Jesus is my co-driver, and that’s my belief. That he’s with me,” he said.

Olivarez believes that being openly religious is the reason he got fired.

Federal law says falsifying logs makes the driver and carrier liable to prosecution.

Olivarez said nothing in the logbook is false, and that he was never told to stop writing Jesus in his logbooks.

“Jesus is my co-driver, and I have no shame in that,” he said.

Olivarez is not challenging other religious truck drivers to stand by their beliefs and list Jesus as their co-driver.