FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) —A benefit concert in May will honor a man who could connect with others in a way that few can, as a musician and as a police officer.

Neil Orne spoke with fellow artist and friend Michael Tay about an upcoming concert celebrating a life well lived.

”Because Jeff Carson was that guy that had the biggest heart, the guy that lit up every room like, if you were around Jeff Carson, and you weren’t smiling or laughing, or he wasn’t, because he was joking with you immediately, he made you feel like you knew him your whole life,” recalled friend and performer Michael Ray.

Carson fulfilled two dreams in life, first as a successful country artist and then as a member of the Franklin Police Department. both positions using his true gift and his ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

“From the second he gave you that big old hug and that that big old grin that he had, you love him right away,” said Ray.

Carson’s zest for life and practical jokes made his death on March 26 at 58 years old that much more shocking. Ray was playing a show in Nebraska when he got word, He was devastated.

“I was just messaging him that morning on Instagram. He posted something funny, you know random stuff. Then so I think I just kind of pushed through with the show and then it all hit me afterwards, when I started seeing the the post…Man it just they just don’t make them like Jeff man. A family guy and all around great guy, talented, just a sweetheart,” remembered Ray.

It is only fitting that Carson’s many friends come together for a show that would make him proud, a celebration.

“But it’s so suiting because he was there for everybody that needed him and Pam and their families. He was a call away and so for for us to be able to do that and honor him and his family. To see the lineup of artists shows you the type of man and artists and character Jeff was and it’s going to be a fun night. I know he’s going to be looking down. You know, though, there’s probably going to be something messed up because he was a he was a jokester,” said Ray.

The show is May 10 at the Nashville Palace. The list of artists includes Michael Ray, Lee Greenwood, Ty Herndon, Craig Campbell, Wade Hayes, Mark Wills, Rhett Akins and many more. Tickets are available here.