MADISON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Early Wednesday morning, Shannon Rapp found a storm door in his front yard.

“It’s a literal storm door that somebody has thrown into my yard from the road,” Rapp said.

Last week, a bag full of trash was dumped outside his home on May Drive.

“It’s terrible,” he said. “It’s absolutely terrible.”

Rapp says he’s been dealing with it for years from litter to big items being dumped like a TV and dishwasher.

He says someone even dropped off a puppy.

“It gets very annoying to have people drive by and see my yard with a bunch of trash that most of the time isn’t mine,” Rapp said.

He’s tried putting up signs and sat outside his home, hoping to catch someone in the act.

“Part of it is laziness,” he said. “Part of it is they just don’t care. It’s not their yard. It’s not their problem.”

Rapp has even been cited by the city for the trash he says isn’t his.

“A lot of it wasn’t my stuff to begin with,” he said.

It’s a problem Metro’s Department of Codes and Building Safety says they can’t do anything about without proof.

Sean Braisted sent a statement to News 2 saying in part that property owners have to “..keep their premises free of junk, trash, and debris, regardless of the source.”

“There’s nothing I can do about it but deal with it,” Rapp said.

Rapp says it’s such a burden, he’s ready to move.

“I love living here, but it’s too much of a headache to deal with,” he said.