Trailer with donations for kids stolen in Mt. Juliet


MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) — Britt Linville picks up boxes and bags with donations every morning.

“Socks, t-shirts,” Linville said.

“I usually go through it,” he said. “I size it. And I know where to put it.”
He puts some in storage and the rest in trailers which he delivers to schools, churches, shelters, or anyone in need.

But, early Monday morning, a thief stole one of his trailers from outside West Wilson Middle School, according to Mt. Juliet police.

“You can’t be that rotten,” Linville said.

“What makes me angry is if they stole it knowing that stuff in the back of there was going to help people who needed it.”

The trailer is usually parked right in front of the school.

About $3,000 worth of donated items were inside, according to a police report.

Mt. Juliet police are investigating but have no leads.
Most of the donations were supposed to go to schools in Wilson County for underprivileged kids.

“Many of the items we have at our district that go to families in need or if someone needs something, largely it may have come from Mr. Linville,” said Bart Barker, public information officer.

Barker says Linville has been a donor for years, winning awards for his community service.

“To hear that this happened certainly our hearts go out to him,” Barker said.

Linville says he doesn’t want an apology, just his trailer and everything in it back where it belongs.

“Bring the trailer back,” Linville said. “I need it. Park it there over the weekend, and it won’t be a word said.”

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