TN ranked 11th highest for holiday crime


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Home security experts say burglary and porch package theft numbers rise with the holiday season.

We’ve shared the warnings of “porch pirates,” people who steal packages from outside your home.

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Security website ranked Tennessee as 11th in the country for holiday related crime; its experts looked into crime statistics such as each state’s holiday arrests (November – December), state population, gun ownership, poverty – and based on these factors, assigned each state a crime score.

The higher the score, the higher the rate of holiday crime.

The holiday crime score nationwide is 32.9, according to

Florida was the worst state for holiday crime – with a rate twice as high as the national average at 81.5.

New Mexico, Louisiana, Texas and Utah ranked behind Florida in the top 5 worst states for holiday related crime.

Maine is ranked the safest state regarding holiday crime – with a rate well below the national average at 18.9.

Ranking well with Maine were the states of New Hampshire, Vermont, North Dakota and New Jersey in the top 5 best states for holiday related crime.

Holiday crime prevention tips: also shared some tips for safety precautions to take during the holidays both at home and while out shopping.

  • Install or activate an alarm system
  • Hide gifts in an interior room – closets or a windowless room where they can’t be seen from a window
  • Get a safe that doesn’t “look” like a safe
  • Upgrade the door lock
  • Make arrangements for travel or being out of town – lights, motions sensors, etc.
  • Lock your vehicle

Tips to deter porch pirates during the holidays:

  • Keep gifts, cash & valuables well hidden so they can’t be seen or reached by thieves.
  • Lock doors & windows before leaving your residence.
  • Leave a light on in a room & draw curtains when you go out at night.
  • Cancel newspapers and other deliveries when out of town and away from home for an extended amount of time.

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