Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- Organized team practice activities, or “OTAs,” are useful for many reasons, especially when it comes to getting familiar with new faces on the roster.

The Tennessee Titans have plenty of new additions this year, specifically on offense. And while OTAs aren’t mandatory, quarterback Ryan Tannehill is on the practice field, getting familiar with his new targets.

“The more that we can cover now, the better we’re going to be. There is a lot we can take in and learn during this time of the year,” said Tannehill. “We don’t have a game we’re preparing for so we are trying new things offensively. The quarterbacks are able to try new things and those young guys, rookies are able to take in a lot of information.”

Whether it be Dez Fitzpatrick or Racey McMath, Tannehill said the rookies have made a good first impression.

Tannehill added, “We have a bunch of young, talented guys. They are tall and athletic and can make plays on the football, so we’re excited about what they bring to us physically, and it’s good to see them coming out everyday and competing.”

Josh Reynolds is also a new face in the wide receivers room, and right now it looks like he will be playing opposite of AJ Brown on Sundays. Tannehill took some extra time working with him this week, and will put a little extra emphasis on building that chemistry.

“As I learn the way he moves and his range and speed, those little moments, when we get those one-on-one times together are going to be huge as we head into training camp. If we can sneak some reps in here this Spring, it will help us down the road,” said Tannehill.

And while Tannehill wasn’t able to get in any extra work with some of the veteran players this past Spring, he has been keeping close tabs on tight end Anthony Firkser, and is optimistic about what he’ll be able to contribute this upcoming season.

“He just needs to stay on track with what he is doing, he’s been working extremely hard. Before I got here I was watching tape on him, and he’s been working extremely hard. Now he needs to continue that and keep getting better,” said Tannehill.

OTAs will continue throughout next week, with Titans’ mini-camp happening June 15-17 at St. Thomas Sports Park.