Titans give Lawrence County teenager jersey after losing everything in house fire


LAWRENCE COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A simple gesture meant everything to one teenager boy after lightning hit his home and he lost everything.

“I heard my room flash from the lightning, and I just kinda thought nothing of it, until about 15 or 20 minutes later… I smelt smoke,” said Jaxson Pulley, “I looked through the window and smoke was rolling through the front.”

The 15-year-old was home alone. He ran to call 911 and grab the family dog. Firefighters have since told him he had about a 20 second window to get out.

“I went out the back door, came out this way, and when I looked, you could see at the garage it was just completely gone. It was already up at the roof, the roof was starting to collapse as I came through,” Pulley recalled.

A video taken by a neighbor showed the house going up in flames as Pulley walked out in front.

“I was scared, and crying my eyes out because I’d lost everything,” he said.

He lost everything including ten jerseys signed by players on his favorite football team– the Titans.

“Die hard fan. I go probably 7 to 8 games a year,” he said, “That’s what I’ve always wanted to be growing up… I’ve always had the dream of making it pro.”

While his dad wouldn’t accept any financial help from the community, local radio station WLX wanted to do something. They reached out to the Titans.

Morning show host Mark Rholing surprised Pulley with a jersey, T-shirt, hat, and Apple gift-card at the station Wednesday morning.

“I hope it’s enough just to get you back started again,” Rholing said.

“Extremely happy and I’m very thankful,” Pulley told News 2, wearing his brand new jersey for number 11 AJ Brown.

“I wanted an AJ Brown jersey when we drafted him, and so it’s kind of cool ’cause I got that now!” he said.

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