Nashville, Tenn. (WKRN)- The Tennessee Titans were in a good spot last season when it came to the backup quarterback position. Whether it was Marcus Mariota or Ryan Tannehill starting, it left a comfortable backup option, but this season is different.

Mariota is gone, Tannehill is the starter, and all signs point to Logan Woodside becoming the number one backup. But that seems to leave many fans a little uneasy, considering he’s only played in preseason games for Tennessee.

But this isn’t the first time Woodside has encountered doubters in life. His is path to the pros has been anything but easy.

“It goes all the way back to being in high school and I had to transfer high schools because I couldn’t be a quarterback. And then when I got to college, I got benched twice. I was in a competition for two years and lost that battle. Then, ended up redshirting in college,” said Woodside.

Woodside finally got into a groove at Toledo and proved he could be successful. In fact, he still holds the career record for passing yards (10,514), touchdowns (93) and passing efficiency (162.87). Now the Kentucky native is using his past to better his future, and to propel him into a bigger role with the Titans.

“This isn’t the first time that I’ve gone through this type of situation. Now it’s just using those learning experiences to know that something is going to be better on the other side and just continue to work and good things are going to happen to you,” said Woodside.

There hasn’t been much film to watch on Woodside at the NFL level, but he would describe himself as a player who knows the Titans’ offense well.

“I have the accuracy and the timing to get the ball to the right people at the right times. And really, that’s the main thing. Being smart with the football, just continuing to win, we need to make a play, and they’ll trust me to make it,” said Woodside.

Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith wouldn’t disagree.

“Certainly we like Logan’s arm strength and believe in what he’s done and pleased with what he did last year in the preseason, he has a good arm. He’s accurate, he’s decisive,” said Smith.

But it’s the Titans’ belief in Woodside that seems to matter the most and may be the main reason why they haven’t looked at bringing in another signal caller.

Smith added, “He did a great job last year in the role that he was given. Unfortunately, he went on IR (injured reserve) but he did a good job, acting as a quasi-QC (quarterbacks coordinator) behind the scenes. I’m very happy with what he’s done in the offseason and this is a great opportunity for him in camp.”

Woodside said he’s more than ready for the upcoming season, even making an extra effort over the last several months, getting together with his teammates away from the facility, building that chemistry.

“We were just around Nashville. We’re trying to be safe with all the coronavirus that was going on. Trying to be safe and apply all the protocols. We had few guys coming in and out of Nashville. Anthony Firkser was a guy that was there that we threw and I got a ton of work in with. A.J. (Brown) was in town a lot. So got a lot of work with him,” said Woodside.

Tannehill also acknowledges the work Woodside is putting in, and believes keeping a close quarterback room throughout the season is one key to finding success.

“We’re on the same team together, so if I can impart some knowledge that I’ve learned along the way and help the younger guy, then I’m going try to do that,” said Tannehill.

For now, it seems like the Titans are happy with what they have in Logan Woodside and it appears that he will be the backup coming into the season. On the other side, Woodside is very grateful for the opportunity.

“It’s meant the world to me. The only thing I can do is control what I can control and give it everything I’ve got. I definitely don’t want to let them down because of the great opportunities that they’ve given me,” added Woodside.