LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – Looking to downsize or add on to your house, all while cutting costs? A tiny home on wheels may be the answer for you.

Your average home or apartment has a living loom, bedroom, bathroom — the basic necessities for a home. But what about if you could get just that without the extra space, and at half the cost?

“It’s like an apartment except a lot cheaper,” said tiny homeowner Jenna Hall. “I have a full bathroom, a full kitchen, I got my bedroom. So I absolutely love it.”

Hall is 21 years old and already owns her first tiny home.

Builders say younger buyers, like Hall, are mostly taking part in this unique way of living.

“We are now bringing back the starter home — the one-bedroom or studio home that can be lived in and bought at a very affordable price,” said Todd Bayer, co-founder of Back Porch Homes, based in Riverside, California.

Bayer also said tiny homes are great for people looking to add on to their house without having to wait to build a traditional addition.

Also more attractive to buyers? The price tag. Tiny homes generally start at $60,000, depending on size.

“Honestly, if we had to downsize, that would be [the way we’d go], tiny homes,” said Debbie Giamba, an attendee at the Las Vegas Home Improvement & Backyard Expo, where tiny homes were on display. “They’re just so great”

The wheels also make it easier to pick and leave.

“I think, in this day and age, when everyone is so full of excess that if you didn’t need the extra space and wanted to travel, it would be ideal,” said expo attendee Shannon Duffy.