As more than 200,000 people watched the fireworks in Nashville Wednesday night, 3 of them were hit by random gunfire. 

A woman watching fireworks at 1st Avenue North in downtown Nashville was shot in the neck but nobody ever saw a gun in the crowd around her.

Sophia Rosales was in a large crowd behind the Wild Horse Saloon looking up at the sky at 9:37 p.m. when she felt a sharp pain in her neck. 

At first, Rosales though she was hit by fireworks debris so she walked to an ambulance. She was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center where an x-ray showed she had a bullet wound. She is in stable condition.

Metro police believe she was hit by a random bullet fired into the air during the celebration from another location. 

In another incident, Kabrina Black, 22, was sitting on the steps of the A.A. Birch Building watching the fireworks when her right leg was hit by something. Black tells police she went home to Murfreesboro and then went to a local hospital early Thursday morning. An x-ray showed she, too, had a bullet wound. She was treated and released.

In both cases, no one reported seeing anyone fire a gun in the area. 

In a third incident, Louis Hernandez said he was watching the fireworks at 1st Ave. North and Church Street. At 9:45 p.m. he felt something hit his chest. 

Hernandez, 63, told police a spent bullet fell to the ground when he brushed the area with his hand. Hernandez was not injured but does have a red mark on his chest. 

Police are investigating all three cases as celebratory gunfire. They warn that firing a gun into the air is very dangerous.