THP urging drivers to be on the lookout for increased deer activity


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Tennessee Highway Patrol is urging drivers to be on alert for deer this fall as the upcoming mating season will lead to an increase in deer activity near roads.

THP Lt. Bill Miller says deer are more likely to jump out in front of motorists this time of year.

“Now their focus is mating season, their hormones are going crazy,” Lt. Miller said. “They’re really not focused on any other thing in their life except, so, with that being said, they’re not paying attention to you, they’re not paying attention to oncoming traffic.”

Miller also says there’s more on the line than just your vehicle.

“In some cases, it can even cause fatalities to the drivers if they were to come through the windshield, or if the deer was in front of a motorcyclist,” Lt. Miller said.

THP recommends slowing down, staying alert for deer while driving and making sure your headlights are fully functional. They will also be patrolling areas that tend to have high rates of deer-related incidents.

“We do look at our predictive analytics; we do see whether there have been historically increased crashes involving deer. So, we do know to patrol those areas a little bit more than we typically would,” said Lt. Miller.

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