THP trooper returns to Highway Patrol after months-long COVID-19 battle


HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Three weeks of his life, a Tennessee state trooper lay hospitalized in a fight with a ruthless virus. But he has little recollection. 

“I don’t remember a lot of it,” Trooper Adam Killion said. “I have a lot of memory loss from those few days leading up to going to the hospital.”  

It included one hospital transfer from Henry County to Vanderbilt Medical Center, seven days on a ventilator, yet Trooper Killion woke up it took a sign in his room to tell him otherwise.  

“I could see the date written on a board on the wall,” Killion said. “I thought it was Friday of that week that my wife took me to the hospital.”  

His wife and two children spent those days praying for their husband and father. Also suffering from asthma, and a diabetic, Trooper Killion was first admitted to the emergency room April 1, when the oxygen levels in his blood plummeted.   

That was the beginning.  

On the back end, it was the struggle to regain strength that seemed insurmountable. 

“I lost about 30 pounds, I remember the first day the physical therapist came into the ICU, got me out of bed,” he said. “It was all I could do to take four steps away from the bed.”  

From that day in late April until now, each step has led him back to the Highway Patrol. Working at it, five days a week, his dedication and prayer, Killion said, have made that possible. 

“I could never tell people how appreciative I am of that, I truly believe that’s why I’m still here, the power of prayer. 

“You don’t know who it’s going to affect severely, so for that reason I think you do have to take it serious,” Killion said. 

But he’s now cherishing the outcome, with family and faith. 

Trooper Killion’s wife is a nurse and was monitoring his oxygen levels at home. The family says, she had the sense to initially contact his doctor and take Killion to the hospital. 

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