NASHVIILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – More and more drivers are being faced with a gun on Middle Tennessee roadways.

On Tuesday, police arrested a man for speeding behind another driver on I-24 in East Nashville, crashing into and firing several bullets at the victim’s car.

It’s at least the ninth incident of aggressive driving reported recently across Middle Tennessee law enforcement agencies.

“I tell ya, we take those incidences seriously,” said Capt. Travis Plotzer with the Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP).

THP is partnering with agencies across the region in an effort to put road rage to an end. Their first advice to drivers: stay calm behind the wheel.

Secondly, they ask drivers to be good witnesses — to snap pictures or take videos — anything to help them put aggressive drivers behind bars.

“Make mental notes: tag numbers, description of the car, description of the violator. What’s unique to it? Also, where did it happen?,” said Plotzer.

And, if you find yourself the victim of road rage, Plotzer said: call for help, but don’t reciprocate the aggression.

“When people call in with these types of incidents, whether it’s unsafe driving or road rage, don’t engage that person,” said Plotzer. “Call *THP.. that’s *847 on their cell phone. That will get you in contact with the dispatch center across the state of Tennessee, but you don’t have to worry about what local jurisdiction you’re in.”

Road rage can result in charges like aggravated assault and even, attempted murder.