‘This was always the worst-case scenario’: Lebanon double murder victims’ family speaks out


LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — His grief has been unimaginable over the last 11 days since his mother and sister were murdered.

Alex Youn said he woke up on April 12 to an apparent suicide note on Facebook from his brother-in-law, Shaun Varsos.

“I started reading the first couple of lines and immediately hung up the phone and called my mother,” Youn said.

After calling his mother’s boyfriend, Youn found out that his mother and sister had been shot. And at the time, Varsos was still on the run.

“Unfortunately, just followed Twitter to figure out the updates,” Youn said.

Varsos broke in through the back door of Debbie Sisco’s home looking for his estranged wife, Marie. After chasing them at gunpoint he fatally shot both women outside of the Lebanon residence.

“My sister was actively engaging with Shaun and was able to deliver three shots into him. One above his heart which went through his lungs,” Youn said.

Varsos was later discovered by police dead inside of a rental car.

“This was always the worst-case scenario,” Youn said.

Ever since Marie filed from divorce from her husband, Youn said she feared this situation would become reality. Marie had gotten an order of protection against Varsos following a domestic violence incident in March.

“She often times mentioned that she was scared Shaun was going to come and kill her,” Youn said.

Youn said it’s painful to think about how the most important women in his life spent their last few moments in fear. But after speaking with police, he’s relieved to know that they died protecting each other.

Youn is planning ways to honor his sister through supporting domestic violence victims.

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