Thieves hit string of Post Office collection boxes in Nashville


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A string of postal collection boxes in Nashville has been hit by thieves, according to investigators.  

Nolyn Croy says he took the extra step by going to the post office on Woodland Street to assure his mail was safe, but at least 2 checks he put in the blue collection box were stolen and re-written.  

“Half my mail I drop off there just because I assume it is safe and it’s going to get picked up in a timely fashion,” Croy told News 2.  

His mail was picked up, but Croy says by the wrong people and just days later the check hit his bank, written for $4,600.  

“I saw that one had been washed and rewritten to somebody for a different amount that I had originally written it for and to a different person,” Croy explained.    

A few days later, he says a second check hit his bank. This one written for $9,000.  

“The two cashed were written to Spanish sounding names, with definitely much different handwriting to me and bumped up the amount they could get out of it.”  

One of the checks showed that the check had been cashed out of state.  

Croy says his bank has taken care of the funds in his account, but he wants others to be aware  

“It does surprise me that postal crime does still exist especially in this day in age,” Croy explained.  

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service says a handful of post office boxes were hit in Nashville sometime after 3 on Saturday, February 1st and Monday morning February 3rd, so there are likely many more victims.  

Signs are posted outside the Post Office on Gillock Street, alerting customers of postal crime.   

“Just be aware of where you are mailing stuff. If you don’t see things hit your account when they should, reach out to the bank and freeze your checks and if at all possible go inside the post office if you need to mail something,” said Croy.    

A number of post offices are in the process of implementing prevention efforts to harden the blue boxes from theft, according to investigators.  

They tell us groups do often come from out of state and fish the mail out of the drop boxes, then wash or alter checks which is a federal crime.  

If you were a victim call (877)-876-2455

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