CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of the fatal bus crash in Chattanooga that killed six young children.

The driver, Johnthony Walker, is awaiting trail while the parents are awaiting justice.

News 2 traveled to Chattanooga this weekend and spoke with four of the six mothers who are still dealing with their tragic loss. It’s a day forever etched in the minds of these four mothers.

“I’ll never forget that day,” mother Diamound Brown. “It’s a day that will forever live in me.”

“November 21, when I walked my baby to that bus stop and she told me she loved me… I wouldn’t never think I wouldn’t see my baby again,” mother LaTesha Jones said.

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One year has passed, and these mothers remember as if it were yesterday.

“It hurt so bad; it hurts so bad,” Jones said while crying.

Their children are now referred to as the Woodmore 6–Zoie Nash, D’Myunn Brown, Cor’Dayja Jones, Keon’te Wilson, Zyaira Mateen, and Zyanna Harris.

Their bus driver took a different route that day. Authorities told News 2 he was going 20 miles over the speed limit.

Bus No. 366 hit a tree on Talley Road, overturned, and killed children.

“Not having him here with the other children, it don’t seem right because he’s the type of child that brings life to the family,” said mother Demetirus Wilson.

“It has been very difficult for me just thinking about the things we use to do. Zoie was my best friend,” mother Misti Nash said. “She was a sweet person, loving person; it’s just been really hard for me.”

Brown turned her life around after missing out on several years of her son’s life when she went to prison. She had gotten out and was trying to make up time with him when the fatal bus crash happened.

“He was just everything,” Brown said while crying. “He was everything I could ever image.”

She walked her son to the bus stop and picking him up every day, but that day he told her not too. He wanted to be a big boy and walk home like the older children.

“And I just look at that day and I just say that was my calling from him, saying don’t come get me, this is going to be my last day,” Brown said. “My baby didn’t want me to come up there because God had already chose him.”

Each mother has a story just as personal.

“I walk my baby to the bus stop every, every morning,” Jones said as tears fell. “She would tell me every single morning, ‘Mama I love you.'”

They are holding on to the good memories knowing their children didn’t deserve what happened to them.

“My other children, I have to be strong for them,” Wilson said. “Really I haven’t been strong it’s just I have to make it day by day because of him. He was my motivation every day to get up and go to work because he always wanted that joystick he broke every Friday.”

The mothers will forever share a bond, leaning on each other in their time of sorrow. They’re hoping a memorial will give them closer.

“I don’t want it to be a sad occasion; I want it to be joyful for everybody,” Wilson said.

The memorial for the Woodmore 6 is being held Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the site of the fatal bus crash on Talley Road.

The mothers want to start a foundation. and once a year on Nov. 21, give back to a worthy cause in remembrance of the Woodmore 6.Click here for complete coverage of the Chattanooga bus crash.