DICKSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — Another day of disturbing details and emotional testimony in day two of the Sergeant Daniel Baker murder case in Dickson County.

It’s been three years since Sgt. Baker was brutally murdered while responding to a report of a suspicious vehicle. Steven Wiggins is accused of shooting Sgt. Baker multiple times before putting him in the back of his patrol car and setting it on fire.

Heart-wrenching testimony occurred Tuesday from law enforcement officials who responded that day in May of 2018 and made the horrific discovery of Sgt. Baker’s burned body.

Officer Nathaniel Proctor described discovering Sgt. Baker’s patrol car in a field. He said the door was locked and once he got permission, he busted the driver’s side window out with his baton.

“Smoke hit me in the face, and I hit the unlock button, fumbled a little bit trying to unlock the door. Looked in, on the passenger side I could see his patrol bag sitting in the passenger seat and that he’d been set on fire. The fire was out at that time so obviously I cleared the front of the vehicle and moved to the back door on the driver’s side and opened the door and his legs and feet come out into my chest,” Proctor said from the witness stand.

The prosecution then asked what his reaction was. The officer choked up saying, “As a father, I thought about his little girl.”

Agent Darrin Adams staring down Steven Wiggins during his testimony. Adams was also there when Sgt. Baker’s body was discovered, and he stayed, guarding Sgt. Baker’s body as the search for his killer continued that day in May of 2018.

After a 20-hour day, Agent Adams says he took his bloody, dirty boots off by the door at his home and hasn’t touched them again until this morning.

“It was a 20-hour day. I went home. My feet were wet, they were bleeding from everything we were doing. I took my boots off at the back door at my home and they have sat there for 3 years. I haven’t cleaned them, and I said I wouldn’t wear them, until today, and I’m wearing them today, with the same blood, sweat, tears and mud.”

That testimony was powerful as he looked Wiggins in the eyes. The agent vowing not to wear them again until he could do his part to convict Wiggins, hopefully, he said, to the death chamber.

Statements Wiggins made during his confession were also discussed outside of the jury Tuesday afternoon. “I’m a monster. Please just kill me,” were among the statements.

Day two of testimony continued until late Tuesday afternoon with expert witnesses.