‘Terrifying!’ Video shows masked gunman canvassing East & West Nashville neighborhoods


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Terrifying video shows a masked gunman canvassing two Nashville neighborhoods in the overnight hours.

“It’s sickening, it’s scary,” proclaimed resident Jeremy Ellis in East Nashville. 

Ellis’ surveillance camera captured the gunman rummaging through his cars and attempting to get inside his home at 1 a.m. Thursday.

“It was this guy, clearly armed going through the car, trying to get into her car and then checking our house door with a gun with an extended mag clearly visible,” he explained.

The gun with an extended magazine was drawn as the suspect rummaged through his car, looked inside the window of his home, and tried to gain entry though his door.

“The lights were out; it was one in the morning. We were clearly asleep so the gun being out makes me think he had intent to enter and didn’t, but he might the next time.”

On the other side of town in West Nashville, two hours later, what appears to be the same gunman was also caught on camera checking car doors with his gun out.

“It’s not surprising, although the part of town it’s in is surprising, because I, in my head, thought this guy was probably local and just kind of driving around looking for cars but going to the west part of town that’s a hike,” said Ellis.

The video from Oakmont Circle at 3 a.m. showed the gunman had an accomplice and a white four door car.

The homeowner told News 2 that she is terrified and believes she scared the suspects off as she turned on the kitchen light to let her dogs out, just feet from the armed man.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t have your gun out unless you are prepared to use it right,” questioned Ellis. 

He said something must be done adding that this is the fifth time in just six months his cars have been rummaged through.

“If this guy comes back tonight, I’m going to have to be ready to shoot him. That’s insane, that’s insane and the police won’t even respond.”

Ellis says they went straight to the East police precinct with the video hoping to speak with an investigator. Instead, he says they responded with, “Maybe a detective will get to you within two days.”

Infuriating for Ellis who doesn’t feel safe in his home. He has since discovered what appears to be the same guy casing his house just two days before.

“This shook me up, but the lack of police response is going to drive me out of this town, period.”

Ellis who has lived in the East Nashville neighborhood for eight years is now planning to move to another county. 

“It’s like this primal. Either I leave, which I’m going to, but for right now, I can’t just leave tomorrow, so while I’m here, I’m on edge,” he said. 

The West Nashville homeowner says police told her it would be three days before a detective would get to it.

“Frankly, what are you going to do if the police aren’t going to do anything? I mean it’s like, I feel like I’m living in Fallujah here, what are we doing? So, I’m going to have to shoot somebody? Like that’s what this is coming to,” Ellis shook his head.

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News 2 reached out to Metro Police who say, unfortunately, it takes time to get reports into the system and assigned to a detective, unless it’s a life-threatening emergency. They also passed along details explaining how Ellis can request extra patrols in the neighborhood.

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