Tennessee unemployment rate drops, yet some are still struggling to find work


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Unemployment rates are dropping across the state, with 74 counties reporting fewer unfilled jobs. Tennessee’s unemployment rate is now at 9.7%, down from 11% last month. 

“There’s definitely people out there looking for workers,” said Karen Wilhite, regional manager for Hire Dynamics Staffing Agency. “We need to get our people back to work. And there’s employers out there that want to put them back to work.” 

So why do so many find themselves without work? Even though unemployment rates are dropping, they’re still well above where they used to be. Last year at this time the state unemployment rate was only 3.2%. 

But hiring experts say job are out there. 

 “Maybe right now the job title that they had before, they may want to set that title aside and look at what they did in their job,” Wilhite said. “So our transferrable skills… like leadership, multitasking, organization.” 

COVID-19 has created a demand for many types of jobs, in industries like manufacturing, distribution, and a huge need for skilled workers.  

Right now, the White House is working on a second stimulus, but employment experts say the time to look for a job is now. They warn you shouldn’t wait around for unemployment or your old position to come back. 

“There’s a lot of employers out there that are looking to put people to work,” Wilhite said. “Don’t be shy to reach out. We have jobs out there and we’re ready to help people get back to work.” 

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