WATER VALLEY, Tenn. (WKRN) — The town sign might need a little sprucing up, but if you’re looking for an affordable town to call your own, one little Middle Tennessee town just might be your saving grace. 

The former town of Water Valley is a place travelers might have stumbled upon while driving to the Duck River or after making a wrong turn in Maury County, but this sleepy little town has gained national attention as Tennessee’s very own Schitt’s Creek

Located roughly an hour southwest of Nashville, Water Valley sits on seven acres of land and has an estimated population of 20, according to the listing agent. The asking price gives Nashville’s real estate market a run for its money, listed at just $725,000.  

Christa Swartz with Fathom Realty said the town’s four owners made the call to sell Water Valley, but not to just anyone. They are looking for someone who will preserve the town’s rich history and restore its charm. 

“They would love to get it in the hands of somebody who knows the potential, who would really do it right, and honor the history and the area and just make it a beautiful destination for people to come out to,” Swartz said. 

Meanwhile, Hollywood filmmakers have tried to convince the owners otherwise, insisting it has star-studded potential. 

“Oh my word,” Swartz began when asked about the interest she’s received. “I’ve had a couple of different television shows call and I have one on my phone right now I have to return after I finish talking to you–movies and television shows that would like to buy the whole little town to make it like a set for a show, probably because of the success of Schitt’s Creek. We are not interested in letting it kind of turn into that. The owners are really hoping it becomes part of Tennessee’s past, present, and future.” 

The town is no longer incorporated. It’s now considered part of Williamsport and is surrounded by the waters of Leiper’s Creek. Driving into town, visitors are greeted by green pastures with cattle and livestock.

“It’s just like you’re going back in time,” said Swartz. “The four stores that are still standing there and the old trade barn are what was there 100 years ago, and they have not been renovated in such a way that they’ve changed at all. It’s just incredible.” 

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As the hunt continues for the perfect owner, Swartz envisions a future Water Valley where people can unwind with an old-fashioned soda or ice cream shop, sip coffee, and peruse antiques and artisan goods.  

“I think until I get it sold, I’m going to continue to get calls from Hollywood and Las Vegas–folks that are saying this is perfect, let us have it! And the sellers just don’t want.” 

The location makes for a convenient day trip for most Tennesseans, its charm just might make visitors want to stay longer, making it the perfect spot for a motel.  

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