NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The holidays are certainly a great time for celebration at all of the tourist attractions across Tennessee. But this year is a little different. Everyone has had to make adjustments for COVID-19.

“We’re seeing our attractions make sure they’re providing safe environments, places where they are promoting wearing masks, having social distancing, making sure people are washing their hands and having great sanitation,” explained Mark Ezell, Commissioner of Tennessee Tourist Development. “So, they’re taking those steps to create a fun, but a safe environment during COVID.”

“I’m going to the ‘Cheekwood Lights’ tomorrow night with my grandchildren,” said Ezell. “We’ve got Franklin’s ‘Festival of Lights’, places that have always had a lot of folks come and see them. But now, they’re making those adjustments, making sure they’re set up to where you’ve got that social distancing, and those safety protocols that can take care of people.”

Those protocols are being promoted from one end of the state to the other.

“All across the state we see ‘Christmas at Graceland’ has adjusted and doing some really cool things there,” explained Ezell. “And the ‘Let it Glo’W’ light show that’s at Discovery Park in West Tennessee. And our friend Dolly, you’ve got the Dollywood ‘Smoky Mountain Christmas’, you’ve got the ‘Smoky Mountain Winterfest’ in Sevier County, and then, even Knoxville’s downtown ‘Peppermint Trail.’ Everybody is making sure that they’re doing something that can be fun for families and visitors alike, but do so with safety as the number one priority.”

So, here’s hoping you have happy but safe holidays!