NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — More than 200 people in Davidson County have cast ballots in the wrong congressional district. Instead of being given ballots for District 7, they were given ballots for District 6, according to the Associated Press. 

“You have one job to do, one job. And you only got to do it three times this year. And you couldn’t get it right,” District 19 State Senate Candidate Charlane Oliver said. 

A group of Tennessee democrats held a news conference Wednesday after learning about the ballot mix-up. They blame the controversial redistricting that split Davidson County into three different districts.  

Odessa Kelley is running for Congress in one of those new splits, District 7.  

“This is the result of a racist, bigoted, money-hungry republican legislature who is doing everything to hoard power to keep the system rigged against everyday, working-class people,” Kelly said.  

Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Hendrell Remus said he spoke with the Secretary of State and Administrator of Elections Wednesday, and they told him the problem stemmed from data entry into the system. 

“He didn’t use the term gerrymandering, but he talked about how districts were cut and how you could cut an apartment complex or cut a street in half and how that could result in this sort of an issue,” Remus said. 

But Republican House Speaker Cameron Sexton said this was an isolated issue with the Davidson County election office, and to his knowledge, the problem has been fixed.  

“What I will say is you’re at an election, they’re looking for somebody to blame, the democrats, because their turnout machine is not turning out their voters. And they’re doing everything they can to try to say that things are happening, that’s suppressing votes when they can’t turn out their base,” Speaker Sexton said. “In the Davidson County Elections Office, the workers made a mistake, they fixed it, hopefully there’s no more mistakes but this is a local issue, not a state issue.” 

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Tennessee Democrats have set up a 24-hour hotline if you run into any issues at the polls. You can reach someone at 866-6VOTE-TN.