NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — While Tennessee lawmakers are set to return to the General Assembly chambers for a special session on public safety Aug. 21, how much will it cost the taxpayers of the Volunteer State?

According to the Director of the Office of Legislative Administration, Connie Ridley, the cost for the legislature to meet in session one day is broken down by mileage and per diem costs per chamber.

On the Senate side, the per diem cost is $7,989. Mileage runs at $6,137 per day, for a total daily cost of $14,126.

The House of Representatives costs are significantly higher, as the chamber has more members. Per diem for the House for one day runs at $24,903. Mileage for one day for the House sits at $19,547, for a total daily cost of $44,450.

According to Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson (R—Franklin), the special session will last at minimum three days, bringing the minimum cost for Tennessee taxpayers to $175,728. Should the session last more than three days, each additional day will rack up an additional $58,576.

Funding for the legislature to operate in the special session will come from the Executive Branch, according to Ridley. Because the official proclamation requires for “appropriations sufficient to pay the expenses of the extraordinary session,” the funding will “be provided by the Executive Branch for our costs,” she told News 2 via email.