NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Many Nashvillians are pushing for gun reform as Tennessee’s special session on public safety begins.   

“One of the things that my training did not train me for was the sole crushing, heart breaking sound of the mothers when you tell them their child is dead,” said Dr. Katrina Green, a Nashville emergency physician. 

It was press conference after press conference where News 2 heard from Covenant School parents, lawmakers, activists, and Tennessee physicians.  

“We will be hand delivering a letter signed by over 1,100 physicians,” said Nashville pediatrician Dr. Vidya Bansal.

Tennessee doctors walked from office to office to hand deliver their signed petition to lawmakers, calling on a variety of proposed legislation.  

“Red flag laws, school security, mental health, and access,” Bansal said.  

“A majority of Americans want gun safety laws,” actress Melissa Joan Hart added.

Hart stood up with Moms Demand Action calling on stricter gun laws. She also helped a kindergarten class run across the street the day of The Covenant School shooting.  

“Secure storage laws, extreme risk protection orders, background checks on all gun sales, and transfers. These are indisputable steps we can take to make our town safer,” Hart said. 

However, activists with DC Project for Women for Gun Rights made their message clear – they are against stricter gun laws pushing for stronger mental health services.  

“We oppose [Extreme Risk Protection Orders] and red flags law because they are dangerous and unnecessary…you are your own first responder all day, every day,” said Dianna Muller of DC Project for Women for Gun Rights.

Back outside, the far-right extremist group Proud Boys made their presence known, and law enforcement showed up by several bus loads to provide extra safety.