NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tennessee executions could be set on an expedited timeline if one bill passes the state Senate Wednesday.

SB1112 by Sen. Janice Bowling (R—Tullahoma) would allow juries in Tennessee to decide if someone’s death sentence “must be expedited” based on certain determining factors.

According to the bill, juries would be required to find certain criteria have been met. Those situations include:

  • The offense involved the death of three or more victims killed using one or more deadly weapons
  • The offense was committed on the grounds of a public or private elementary, secondary or postsecondary school
  • The offense was committed after first killing a first responder who was acting in the course of their duties

If any of those criteria are met and the jury determines the evidence presented at trial was “incontestable,” then the jury may expedite the execution.

According to the bill, if a person is sentenced to death and the jury determines that execution must be expedited, the law would require that execution to be carried out within 30 days after all exhausted appeals or post-conviction relief.

The House version of the bill passed on the floor in March, by a vote of 74-22, on a party-line vote. It is set for debate on the Senate floor Wednesday, April 19. If passed, the bill will head to Gov. Bill Lee’s desk. If signed into law, it would take effect in July.

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