NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In an echo of the days and weeks following the Covenant School shooting, protesters descended on the Tennessee State Capitol Monday demanding lawmakers pass meaningful gun reform as the special session began.

After lawmakers wrapped for the day, protesters greeted them outside the House Chamber. It wasn’t just people in favor of gun reform at the Capitol, as the Proud Boys even made an appearance outside on the plaza.

Alongside peaceful protestors, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle stood in solidarity.

Actress Melissa Joan Hart also united with Moms Demand Action, calling on stricter gun laws. The organization, among others, held a press conference Monday to plead for reform.

“There is no doubt we are broke, by our children dying in record number, by preventable gun deaths eclipsing the national average; heartbroken by continued injustice and indifference to the needs to our entire community, heartbroken by half measures and red herrings instead of real action to end this,” said Shaina Mackler with Moms Demand Action.

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