NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Ahead of the start of a new legislative session, Tennessee Republicans have said they will limit gender-affirming care for transgender youth. This comes as a new poll from Vanderbilt University is reporting what Tennessee voters think about limiting healthcare access for trans people.

Pollsters asked registered Tennessee voters about restricting healthcare access for all transgender Americans, not just children, and found that 67% of them would oppose putting restrictions on transgender Americans’ access to healthcare.

However, when it comes to children having access to gender-affirming care with parental consent, the divide is starker.

“I think I speak for many of my colleagues in the General Assembly, that I can say there is a grave concern about performing something on a child that is irreversible that cannot be corrected later on,” said Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson.

Democrats like Rep. John Ray Clemmons say Republicans like Johnson are giving attention to the wrong issues.

“My Republican colleagues continue to focus on non-issues and take aim at people with whom they may not agree and try to limit their free speech,” Clemmons said.

Yet, Governor Bill Lee and Sen. Johnson have told reporters there is a lot of support for bills restricting access to gender-affirming care.

“I think most Tennesseans don’t think those types of medical procedures for children should happen, and that’s what you’re going to be seeing,” Lee said.

“I can just tell you there is overwhelming support to do this in Tennessee, there is bipartisan support, I’ve heard from Republicans and Democrats who all agree this shouldn’t be allowed in Tennessee, but certainly there will be those who oppose the legislation,” Johnson said.

However, some LGBTQ activists believe this bill does not only harm trans youth and the trans community as a whole but faces more opposition than support.

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According to nationwide data from Pew Research, Republicans strongly support making it illegal to provide trans children with medical care to transition. Seventy-two percent of Republicans surveyed in the U.S. supported this ban while only 25% of Democrats supported it. In total, less than half of all American adults, 46%, wanted to ban gender-affirming medical care for transgender youth.