NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Police say a three-year-old Gallatin boy was kidnapped by his father, setting off a nationwide Amber Alert.

Noah Clare was missing for nearly two weeks and was later located in California.

That incident now has lawmakers re-evaluating the process for issuing amber alerts, as Noah’s family members say it took too long to happen.

Clare is safe back in the arms of his mother after investigators say Noah’s father Jacob Clare left with him and his cousin and took off to California in November.

“We’re so glad that we’ve got a strong law enforcement community, both in Sumner County and throughout the state, that really put everything to bear to get this child back to his family, especially right here, right before Christmas,” Representative William Lamberth, the House GOP leader said.

Jacob was captured in Orange County, California.

The case now has lawmakers reviewing the state’s Amber Alert process to see if anything could have been done to ensure Noah’s safety sooner.

“We have a child that went missing. We have an amber alert that went out. That child was found and brought home safely which is a victory and that’s great, but anytime you have a circumstance like that for us anyway we’re going to look at the system, make sure it’s working well and make sure that law enforcement have every tool at their disposal to be able to bring 100 percent of these children back home that go missing,” Lamberth said.

Lamberth represents parts of Sumner and says he’s communicated with Noah’s family.

“We’re going to meet with the family; we’re going to meet with law enforcement and before the session begins this next year—see if there will be any improvements that might be needed. There may not…we’re at least going to take a look at it and I think it’s important that we do that to ensure that our laws that are on the books are working well for every single Tennessean,” he said.

The Republican leader says Amber Alerts work well and the community has as big of a role as lawmakers

“What we ask and I think that all Tennesseans ask is that we all work together and we pull together as a community,” he said.

Jacob is facing especially aggravated kidnapping and custodial interference charges in Sumner County. He is also facing kidnapping and custodial interference charges in Kentucky and being held behind bars in Orange County, California where he also faces charges.