NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The Tennessee Titans eyeing a new nearly $2 billion stadium in downtown Nashville could be the very reason Music City gets a Super Bowl.

Members of the Titans organization are working with the Governor’s and Mayor’s offices hoping to strike a deal. They met Friday with some lawmakers to discuss the proposal.

Some lawmakers have expressed reservations since the current stadium is just over 20-years-old. Several argued more overall transparency is needed.

It’s just one proposal to fund a new dome or covered stadium in Nashville.

“The state’s looking at $500 million that would be the cap on our side, and I think the city of Nashville and the Titans with the Adams family will be $700 million a piece— that’s where it’s at,” House Speaker Cameron Sexton said.

Add it all up, it would be nearly $2 billion for a new stadium with significant funding coming from taxpayers.

“I think the Mayor’s office, I think the Titans, and I think everyone involved – actually involved in the process – should be transparent about this and let people know exactly how this is going to be paid for, and who’s going to be on the hook for any new stadium or stadium renovation,” Nashville Representative John Ray Clemmons said.

Clemmons took part in the Davidson County delegation’s trip to the Titans facility and said a lot more needs to be worked out.

“The question is not whether a new stadium will be beneficial in the long run from an economic perspective, it’s how are we going to make that happen in a way that works for everyone, recognizing all the challenges Nashville residents face on a daily basis. Are we still going to be able to get the problems we face everyday addressed? How are we going to pay for those? And then, how is a new stadium going to help pay for those?” he questioned.

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Clemmons is hopeful the Titans will work to ensure the stadium proposal is transparent.

“Look we’re beholden to the people we represent. We’re not beholden to an NFL team. We’re certainly not beholden to the Mayor’s office or the Governor’s office. We represent Nashvillians, and we want to make sure Nashvillians are kept informed throughout the process from beginning to end.”

The $500 million in state bond is contingent on a couple of factors including a retractable roof. The hope is to attract a major event a like a Final Four or Super Bowl.

The Tennessee Titans said they have been inviting “several community groups, businesses and legislators into our new practice facility as we continue to celebrate its opening.” They added, “The group we had in today did include several state legislators and the topic of the stadium did come up in discussion. They had some very thoughtful questions, as I believe they’re preparing for discussion in committee meetings next week.”