NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A bill proposed in the Tennessee General Assembly wants to give Correction Department employees a raise this year. 

Sen. Page Walley (R—Savannah) introduced SB0108, which would enact a 15% raise as of July 1. The bill would apply to “preferred service employees of the department of correction,” and affect both current salaries and starting salaries and wages. 

The bill would not apply to correctional officers, who received a 37% pay increase at the end of 2021 from Gov. Bill Lee. That increase took effect Dec. 16, 2021, according to information from the governor’s office. Rather, this bill would apply to other TDOC employees other than correctional officers, like facilities managers, janitors and others who work around the department of correction. 

The bill is a re-filing of a bill brought by another state senator last legislative session, according to representatives with Sen. Walley’s office. Sen. Yager carried the legislation in the 112th General Assembly. 

Hundreds of bills will be up for debate during the 113th General Assembly. Tennessee lawmakers shared their thoughts on some of the major issues up for discussion at this year’s legislative session.

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