NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A grieving mother is requesting a proposed bill be named after her son, as state legislators consider new regulations for unarmed security guards.

House Bill 2283 would require unarmed security employees to be trained in things like de-escalation and CPR.

Dallas Barrett, 22, was enjoying himself at Whiskey Row on Broadway in August of last year. Then, staff members say Barrett became unruly.

According to a police investigation, Barrett was held down and suffocated by multiple people, including six security guards.

“I really hate that my child had to die to come up with some stricter guidelines for security guards,” said Tammy Barrett, Dallas’ mom.

House Representative Bill Beck is now sponsoring a bill that would require every unarmed security employee to go through four hours of training.

“Six people were involved in the takedown of the young man, Mr. Barrett,” said Rep. Beck. “Four of those were unlicensed security guards. Only 2 we’re licensed. Even the two licensed didn’t have any training.”

Tammy Barrett says she was shocked to learn the security guards on duty had no training.

“I was enraged,” said Tammy. “I couldn’t believe that they have people working in there that don’t know how to de-escalate a situation… that don’t know how to perform CPR if need be. And obviously, all those things were needed the night my son was killed.”

Rep. Beck said he hopes the proposed law would save lives and prevent anyone from dying the way Dallas Barrett did.

“Oh, it’s horrifying. It’s just horrifying,” said Beck. “Being a parent, to think that my child could be out in an entertainment venue and this happens to them? It sends cold chills down my spine. I just can’t stand the thought of it.”

JC Shegog is a firearms and tactics instructor. He says the new bill would not only make sure all security guards are properly trained but would prevent liability.

“In order to prevent liability or vicarious liability or private citizens being hurt, de-escalation is necessary,” said Shegog. “You have people that are untrained, undisciplined, unknowledgeable and they are over your protection. It’s like the blind leading the blind. You don’t want that.”

Tuesday, Dallas’ mom submitted a formal request for HB 2283 to be named: “Dallas’ Law.”

“He’ll be forever remembered,” said Tammy. “Prayerfully, no one else will have to die because of this.”

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HB 2283 will go before the finance committee. If approved, it will be considered by the House floor.