NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Following the deadly shooting at a Nashville private school that killed six people, including three children, News 2 took a look at how many bills filed in the legislature this year dealt with firearms, permits and more.

33 | the approximate number of bills filed that deal with guns, gun permits, gun safes, gun safety, or use of guns

Among the bills filed are two House Joint Resolutions that would remove the legislature’s ability to regulate firearms and urge the Attorney General to “evaluate” any newly passed federal legislation, statute or executive order relating to the right to bear arms and to sue if they do.

The vast majority of the gun-related legislation would expand gun rights in some way, either by removing the ability to bring lawsuits against gun manufacturers or by disallowing private property owners from prohibiting firearms on their premises, among other measures.

Very few of the bills filed would enact stronger gun restrictions.

Of the more than two-dozen gun-related bills filed this legislative session, a few of them are relatively neutral in posture, including measures to eliminate permit fees for certain handgun permits, extending a tax-free sales holiday for gun safes and other gun safety devices and adding new language on handgun permits for those who want them.

A large number of these bills have been put on hold by legislators, either waiting for committee discussions in 2024, waiting for evaluation over the summer break or even withdrawn by their sponsors.

One such bill that would allow teachers to carry on school grounds was set for discussion in the Senate Judiciary committee Tuesday afternoon, but Committee Chairman Sen. Todd Gardenhire (R—Chattanooga) deferred discussion on the measure one week “out of respect” for the Covenant School shooting victims.

Hundreds of bills will be up for debate during the 113th General Assembly. Tennessee lawmakers shared their thoughts on some of the major issues up for discussion at this year’s legislative session.

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