NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Julian Sons is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University studying political science and an intern in Rep. Bryan Terry’s (R-Murfreesboro) office.

He’s got some ties and just a couple of suits.

“Currently, I have two,” Sons said of his suits.

But Wednesday, he left with a few more.

“How many ties? I can’t count them, I got a bunch of them. I’ve got bags full, I’ve got some on the suits,” he said, pointing to a neat stack of suits and ties. “But as for suits themselves, I believe I got three or four.”

Every year, Rep. Antonio Parkinson (D-Memphis) leads a “Ties for Terns” event, where state Capitol interns can come and pick out some new clothing.

“It’s an event that I started because there was an intern that didn’t have a tie,” Parkinson said. “That simple.”

Every year, he asks the General Assembly to donate. Every year, it answers.

“Honestly, get in about 600-700 ties or so and give them away,” Parkinson said. “We’ve given away a lot of ties this morning.”

“Oh, there were so many ties in here. I couldn’t believe it,” Sons said. “I expected there to be ties and suits for sure, but not this many, and they kept bringing in boxes, too.”

It didn’t just end there – Parkinson gave a little conventional wisdom, too.

“He said that we were the canvas the ties should pop off of,” Sons said.