NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Monday evening, just before the Tennessee House heard a bill that would potentially allow teachers to carry guns in schools, House Majority Leader William Lamberth called to close for the day.

“Given the hour, I’d make a motion that we consider the remainder of today’s calendar at the top of the regular calendar on Wednesday,” he said.

That request prompted a cascade of boos from spectators up in the gallery.

It happened after demonstrators filled up the Legislative Plaza and Capitol rotunda asking for stricter gun reform.

As opposed to some of the previous weeks, it took on a much somber atmosphere while people carried six caskets for each Covenant School victim.

Still, there wasn’t a lack of passion.

“Third graders saw the dead bodies of their friends, not just coffins,” Covenant mother Sarah Neumann said. “Their classmates.”

Back in the chamber, Lamberth said he didn’t realize which bill was next when he called to close.

“I didn’t even realize, quite frankly, what bill was next on the calendar,” he said. “It is the remainder of the calendar I’m trying to move.”

That prompted a second cascade of boos.

Ultimately, Lamberth withdrew his motion, though it didn’t matter as the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Ryan Williams (R-Cookeville) moved to hold it on the desk.

That essentially means the bill is on indefinite hold. It was presumed it would be taken up Wednesday, but the House does not currently have it on the calendar.

With session expected to wrap up this week, demonstrators are coming together Tuesday evening to try and form a human chain from Vanderbilt to the Capitol.

Organizers said they have over 6,200 people registered.