NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Middle Tennessee has always had intense severe weather, but in the last few years, more tornadoes are coming year-round and overnight.

According to Krissy Hurley, the Meteorologist in charge at the Nashville National Weather Service, Tennessee leads the country in nighttime tornadoes.

These are extremely dangerous because people may be asleep and not know when a tornado is near them. This makes it crucial to have the WKRN weather app with your phone charged and notifications on in case there is a warning or watch.

It is always smart to also have a NOAA Weather Radio and make sure it is set to the county that you live in.

Dixie Alley is the Southeast United States while Tornado Alley is the Midwest. Middle Tennessee is now in a more dangerous area for tornadoes than the infamous Tornado Alley because these tornadoes drop down at night and there are so many homes and metropolis areas that when a tornado comes, it’s likely to hit something.

Stay alert and tuned into WKRN when severe weather strikes.

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