NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An estimated 7,500 Americans remain unaccounted for from the Korean War and nearly 200 of them are from Tennessee.

The Korean War was three years of intense fighting that began in March 1950 and 34,000 Americans died during combat.

Here are five soldiers classified as Missing In Action (MIA) from the war who are from Middle Tennessee.

Vester Hicks

Army Corporal Vester Hicks, Jr. is from Waynesboro, Tennessee. Hicks disappeared Nov. 27, 1950 during fighting around the Chosin Reservoir.

Franklin Johnson

First Lt. Franklin Dewey Johnson is from Bedford County, Tennessee. Johnson disappeared Nov. 27, 1950 in the same battle as Hicks along the Chosin Reservoir. He was part of an anti-aircraft unit.

Edward Collins

Marine Edward Collins was from Nashville, Tennessee. Collins is believed to have died in the Chosin Reservoir battle but is listed as MIA because his grave has never been found. He was last seen Nov. 27, 1950.

George Curtis Hood

Army Corporal George Curtis Hood is from Williamson County. Hood is listed as MIA after the post he was stationed at called Pork Chop Hill was overrun in July 1950.

Donald Buford Hunter

Army Corporal Donald Buford Hunter is from Ashland City. Hunter went missing in June of 1952. He was part of an infantry unit that was overrun while trying to defend a position from an artillery attack.

Hundreds of Tennesseans remain listed as missing in action from World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. News 2 looks at the efforts to keep their memories alive in the special report: Gone But Not Forgotten.