NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Flying squirrels are causing problems in homes across Tennessee. It is breeding season and the nocturnal animals may be making your house their home.

If you hear a scratching noise through the night, it may be time to get a professional to investigate.

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Over 500 homes in Tennessee have already needed help getting rid of an infestation. This number will be increasing through the summer and the worst part is once they have come in, they like returning at some point.

Flying squirrels only need half an inch gap to get into spaces and once in, they can chew through almost anything.

Another sign you may have furry critters is electrical problems. Adam Higdon, a wildlife biologist and region service manager for Critter Control operations, explained that a flickering light could be caused by the rodents chewing through wires.

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According to Higdon, more than 2,000 new customers are expected to need help removing flying squirrels. If you live near a forest, you are more likely to have an invasion because that is their natural habitat.