MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG) — Attorney Ben Crump took issue with law enforcement’s description of a Shelby County deputy being “dragged” by a driver who was fatally shot while fleeing a traffic stop in June.

Crump, in a press conference in Memphis one day after after the release of video showing the moment leading up to Jarveon Hudspeth’s death, noted that video showed the deputy get inside the Mustang as Hudspeth drove off during a traffic stop.

“This officer was not dragged. He jumped into the car,” Crump said Friday morning.

“That officer put himself in threat and peril and harm when he decided to jump into the car. I got calls from several law enforcement officers saying attorney Crump, it defies common sense why he would jump into the police car. It contradicts his police training,” Crump added.

The deputy was injured in the encounter before firing at Hudspeth, who continued driving. He was not identified, but Shelby County authorities said he is on paid leave.

According to Crump, the deputy failed to call in the traffic stop. He believes the deputy made many mistakes for which he should be held accountable.

Crump also believes citizens need to see the dashcam footage in order to get a better understanding of what happened.

“No one to this day, 60 days later, has been able to tell this family why Jarveon was stopped in the first place,” Crump said. “When [the deputy] ran the license plate and registration, it came back clean.”

While Crump doesn’t believe Hudspeth should have driven off, he said that he was a “young, black man living in Memphis, Tennessee, who witnessed Tyre Nichols be brutally killed when he complied with everything the police said.”

Hudspeth, 21, was a student at Lipscomb University. On June 24, he was leaving his home and headed to work when he was pulled over in Raleigh, and eventually shot and killed.

Hudspeth died just seven houses away from his address. 

Jarveon Hudspeth

According to Crump and Hudspeth’s family, independent reports claim Hudspeth was shot in the lungs, and the bullet traveled to his heart.

Hudspeth’s mother said medical examiners told her her son died within minutes of the shooting, despite officials saying he died on the way to the hospital.

According the mother, she didn’t know where Hudspeth was for more than 48 hours. She said she has not spoken to anyone from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office about the incident.

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“You can say what you want about us, but we’re going to keep fighting and speaking truth to power every chance we get. And we’re going to keep demanding justice for Jarveon,” said Crump.

Sheriff Floyd Bonner, speaking in June, called Crump’s accusations of misconduct a “cheap political stunt.”