Tennessee lawmakers looking at medical marijuana to curb opioid crisis

Tennessee News

An estimated 12-hundred Tennesseans died from opioid-related overdoses in 2017.  

Sponsors of the medical marijuana bill in the legislature believe it may help curb the crisis. 

State Senator Janice Bowling and Representative Ron Travis are sponsoring the Tennessee Medical Cannabis Act. 

It would legalize marijuana for certain medical conditions, but not for recreational use. 

Lawmakers are looking to other states that have legalized medical marijuana to understand the pros and cons. 

“What we did in our bill was to look at the things that worked in the 33 states and eliminate the things that didn’t,” said Bowling. “We want to make sure we were not reinventing the wheel. We were trying to take advantage of being a little late coming to the table.”

Rep. Travis adds, “If someone were to get too much THC do you know what the overdose things might be? They might get dizzy. They might get sleepy. They might get a headache. They might get nauseous. Do you know what happens if you overdose from opioids? A funeral. We’ve got to do better than that.”

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