NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) — COVID cases are trending upwards in Tennessee, so what can we expect to see this summer?

Dr. Alex Jahangir, head of Metro Nashville’s Coronavirus Task Force, says over the last few weeks cases have gone up about 30% statewide. So have hospitalizations.

“There’s more and more people who are testing positive,” Dr. Jahangir said. “We’ve also seen an increase in hospitalizations over the past couple of weeks, up 32% in the state.”

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But he says positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are nowhere near what we saw at the beginning of the year or during past surges.

Source: Tennessee Department of Health

“It’s not a novel virus anymore. Our bodies have been exposed to it whether it’s been through infection or vaccination,” Dr. Jahangir said.

At this point, Dr. Jahangir says people should do what’s best for them.

“People are getting sick and I think we’re seeing some increased variants now that are causing people to get sick again and again. I would just caution people to do your own risk analysis. Figure out what you need to do to protect yourself. If you’re a high risk for having complications, make sure you take care of yourself and wear a mask if you need to. Don’t put yourself in environments that may expose you,” Dr. Jahangir said.

If you’re immunocompromised, consider wearing a mask, or limiting your exposure to large crowds.

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“I think people who think COVID is over, it’s not over! We just need to be aware of it and just do your own risk analysis of what you want to expose yourself to,” Dr. Jahangir said.

Last week, the Tennessee Department of Health reported about 1,600 new cases of COVID per day.